Coffee Classes

Alchemy provides classes, workshops and training – from casual latte-art and coffee tasting interest classes, to professional barista training and shop opening consultation.

Our training programs are organized and delivered by an experienced team of coffee professionals. Our team holds professional qualifications including the Coffee Quality Institute Q-Grader, World Barista Championship Sensory Judge, and various Specialty Coffee Association of Europe Certifications.

Coffee Classes

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Coffee Appreciation & Sensory Analysis

As an informed consumer, how do we determine a great coffee, from a poorly prepared coffee? This is the key question for this class. Perfect for the enthusiast, who want to expand their coffee horizon and enhance their tasting palette with new concepts about coffee assessment.
The class covers the basics of coffee preparation, origins, processing and sensory analysis of coffee. We will be using an adaptation of the assessment framework in barista competitions.
Taste a wide range of coffee from different origins and also brewed using different methods. With each coffee, we will find out more about its origin and brew method, together with how to critically assess each coffee.

Duration: Approx 90mins
Cost: $310/head


Latte Art

A fun class for everyone. We will introduce you to the techniques needed to pour amazing latte art.
You will learn the basic concepts and techniques involved in both free pour latte art and etching.
While complicated latte art can take years to master (though some are naturally gifted), most are able to create the basic patterns by the end of the class.
Useful for compete beginners, but also great for the initiated requiring helpful advice to further improve on their existing latte art.

Duration: Approx 90mins
Cost: $350/head


Professional Barista Course

For those looking for a more serious learning experience, this is a custom-tailored course for those wishing to become a professional barista or to manage a coffee shop.
We will hit every step required in preparing a tasty coffee.

Duration: Flexible depending on your needs.
Cost: Enquiry to find out more.

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